About Us

Like every one, Mohamad Ali Jinna popularly known as Jinna Asmi too has a dream. It all just sprouted from a friendly tea meeting between two of his close friends who becoming the founding members, there after it multiplied to astonishing 50000+ members to help him carry his dream is an interesting story behind the curtain raiser of our popular literary platform “PADAIPPU” in Facebook. With its first baby step on April 2, 2016, It is now a registered Trust in the name of ILAKKIYA PADAIPPU KUZHUMAM approved by Tamil Nadu Government under registration number 521/2018.

In the course of our literary journey under “PADAIPPU”, we have pooled all the writers under one umbrella called “THAGAVU” which is an exclusive e-Magazine comprising short story, essay, information, history, interview etc., very soon we are planning to bring out “THAGAVU” to be in physical book format.

“PADAIPPU” is also publishing Monthly e-Poetry magazine called “KALVETTU” by way of pooling and publishing the poetries from several writers in our platform and honouring them under the presence of great scholars at the dais. The published poetries electronically shelved in our website (www.padaippu.com) under the “MAGAZINE” section, so that it can be easily retrieved and read by its members at anytime and anywhere. So far we have introduced more than 1000 writers in our literary platform.

Ofcourse our effort do not saturate at this level. We all planned to honour the writers with an exclusive award. Our expert team become very active in collecting more details about the individual writer and his poetry to justify the readers about the deserving poet for the coveted award "KAVICHUDAR". Slowly each writers started contributing more to our “PADAIPPU” platform with a sole aim to get "KAVICHUDAR" award as their life time goal. So far we have honoured not less than 30 poets with "KAVICHUDAR" award.

Apart from "KAVICHUDAR" award we also give FIVE more awards in the name of "BEST POETOR OF THE MONTH" based on their poems which is been published in our “PADAIPPU” Facebook forum. In addition to that we also take the pleasure to appreciate our expert team efforts by giving them "THE BEST CONTRIBUTOR" award.

The authors of best literary books are selected and awarded every year under exclusive “PADAIPPU LITERARY AWARD” scheme for various categories like Poetry, Naval, Short stories, Essay and more.

“PADAIPPU” taking the liberty to honour the senior most people in the industry of Literary by honouring them by giving "LIFE TIME ACHIVEMENT AWARD" by means of which “PADAIPPU” adding an precious diamond in the crown. Every year we are conducting a mega event on which winners are honoured with price money and citation from the hands of the industry seniors and also releasing our publications by the golden hands of the experts.

In grooming the initial writers to see their writings in a printed book format, “PADAIPPU” has its own team of experts to take care of compiling, designing and printing. We have our own printing unit functioning under the name of “PADAIPPU PATHIPPAGAM”. All the books publishing under “PADAIPPU PATHIPPAGAM” has its own ISBN Number. So far we have published 20+ books of different authors within the short span of time.

Adding feather to our cap, every Friday the best selected poetries are narrated in a creative pictorial video format and uploaded in "PADAIPPU TV" our own YouTube channel under the title “OLIYUM OLIYUM - KAVIDHAITHULIYUM”. Along with that we also have taken an initiative to telecast “THIRUKKURAL (The pride of Tamil Literature) couplets everyday under the title "KURALUM KURALUM" for our viewers to understand the THIRUKKURAL in an audio format.

Adding pearl to our crown, we have been awarded ERODE THAMIZHANBAN AWARD on 12.11.2016 at the eve of MAHA KAVI ERODU THAMIZHANBAN 84TH BIRTH DAY celebration.

We are regularly conducting competitions like KAVIKKO BIRTHDAY and AMMAIYAAR HAINOON BEEVI MEMORIAL Competition under the supervision of experts and all are duly compiled in an electronic format and the winners are honoured with prize money and citation.

“PADAIPPU” extend its hand to uplift the other talents apart from literary area like folk arts, dance, music, culture etc., in the name of “MEDAI”. MEDAI is one of our dream project to showcase your talents to light-up your life from a budding to growing artists. Our literary thirst is endless and we have our own vision to be completed. Soon we have planned to commission Online FM radio.
Helping heart is the House of god - True to its motto of “PADAIPPU”, link of society a trust with the name Literary creations group was formed and linked itself with the society. While nurturing the creation, it is our bounden duty to patronize the creators. By uplifting their lives, we could generate a good society is the objective of this PADAIPPU trust.

Through this trust, “PADAIPPU” is going all out to throw light in the lives of economically backward creators. Helping the poor students to study, publishing the poems of talented poets and get them recognized, assist the differently abled to get rehabilitation, Patronage to libraries by distribution of books free of cost to rural libraries and enhance the basic facilities therein, inculcate the habit of reading among the proletariat, honouring the worthy artists at the right time and uplift their lives, grant life time awards to prominent literatures with Cash awards etc.

Indeed, you all have helped the “PADAIPPU” to materialize its part of its big dream. We have years to grow and miles to cross.

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