The Liberation Song of A Woman’s Body

Title               :   The Liberation Song of A Woman’s Body
Author       :   Dr. Nalinidevi 
Edition       :   First Edition - 2020
Pages       :   108
Translator       :   B. Pavendan
Design       :   Mohamed Pulavar Meeran
Printed by       :   Padaippu Media Networks, Chennai
Publishing Agency  :   Ilakkiya Padaippu Kuzhumam
Publisher       :   Jinna Asmi
Published by       :   Padaippu Publication
Website       :   www.padaippu.com
E-mail       :   admin@padaippu.com
ISBN       :   978-81-946899-8-0
Price       :   ` 150
Women are wonderfully gifted in nature with the primal power to create life and reproduction. Her unique identity is contained in her power to create human life. However, this unique capability turned into a liability later on. The wonder became a dreadful one, especially the fear about biological processes like pregnancy, maternity, and lactation forced her to silently shrink herself. Her meekness led men to reduce her into submission. Men utilized the timidity of women to enforce their will on them. Then she was enslaved and bereft of independent will and identity. Today she may have achieved a semblance of freedom and that too external freedom. She is able to excel in science and some have even become ruling powers. But then has she attained internal freedom to express her feelings, desires and without fear? With her legs tied down, merely opening the cage doors and commanding her to fly cannot be called as freedom.

“THE LIBERATION SONG OF A WOMAN’S BODY” is a work based on the unshakeable faith that only with internal freedom women can be truly free and presents the numerous facets of women’s life, the barriers, myths and notions regulating her everyday life and registers the courageous voices of contemporary women emerging free from their shackles.  

This is the thirteenth book of Dr.N.Nalindevi, a retired Tamil Professor and a resident of Madurai. She is renowned for her books in the literary circles, social media and magazines. She is an ardent feminist and notable among Tamil feminist writers. She was accorded Life Achievement award by Denmark Tamil Society for her research work on Sri Lankan creative writer Es.Ponnuthurai (ES PO). She was awarded multiple titles like Thamilthendral, Tamilthaai, Sanagpulavar etc. 


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